Flooring Warranty


1. Are warranties any good?
YES. Many people actually do collect on the warranty as long as they meet the requirements.

2. What can void my warranty?
DIY (do it yourself). Handyman. Contractor.

Most big box stores will not tell you that your warranty might be void because of the installation. Most companies will only recognize professional installers of flooring companies. Contractors, handymen and you are not qualified. And it’s not in writing either! Call up the manufacturer to make sure.

3. What can I do to keep my warranty?
Follow the warranty instructions to the letter. Keep records. Photograph the floor upon installation. Take photos of your cleaning materials, if any. Professionally install the floor.

4. Where can I find the warranty?
Go onto the manufacturer’s website. Download the warranty specific to your product. Fill out online or print and fill out the warranty and mail it in as per instructions.

5. Are all products sold with a warranty?
Yes and no. All products installed by us have our installation warranty. However, some products do not come with a warranty because on sale items and similar may not come with one from the manufacturer. However, you can be assured that we attempt to bring you the finest quality flooring available.